2016·03·13 — Now even C++20 now pops up on the horizon. Read Herb Sutter's (Microsoft) view on the currently evolving ongoing revolution of C++.

2015·10·17 — 30 years of C++! Well, almost. Bjarne Stroustrup on the 30th anniversary of Cfront, the first C++ compiler, that wasn't really a C++ compiler.

2015·07·15 — Although not happy with the phrases "It is aimed at Linux, but should work with other UNIXes" and "That includes OSX as well", I sure wished that I had a piece of code like this, during one of my previous assignments.

2015·07·15 — Never really took notice of this page. A very handy list of all sorts of C++ add on libraries. And you always thought that Java has too many frameworks.

2015·05·30 — Now that just about every modern scripting language has a REPL, and certainly now that the Java SE 9 raodmap includes one targeting the next major Java SE release, ROOT announces Cling, an interactive C++ interpreter, built on the top of LLVM and Clang libraries. It is very easy to build, and even binaries for popular platforms are available. Read more about Cling here.

2015·05·10 — C++ Today: The Beast is back. Modern C++ is really picking up now. After Scott Meyers released his book on C++11 and C++14, JetBrains —manufacturer of IntelliJ IDEA and CLion— participated in an endeavor to underscore the significance of C++. You can get your free copy of the eBook here.

2015·05·01 — After two years of engineering science, CLion finally hit the masses. JetBrains, the designers of IntelliJ IDEA have created the ultimate tool for C++ and C developers. CLion is based on CMake, which makes it quite versatile. CLion inherits all the IDE goodies from IntelliJ IDEA.

2015·05·01 — If you are on Windows, and you appreciate a C11 compliant compiler, you should try Pelles C. It is remarkably accurate as a compiler, and it is a good looking IDE.

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